Visiting London for Business


Visiting London on business can be a costly and arduous process.  From expensive travel, be it over priced train tickets, congestion charges or excessive parking prices, the whole experience can be stressful and tiring.  Accommodation is also notoriously difficult to find with many of the best hotels charging extortionate rates, and budget accommodation often being prohibitively basic with bad food and poor transport links to the rest of the city.  All of these factors mean that planning a visit to the city can feel like a stressful experience.  However, it does not need to be this way.

Since the credit crunch, one of the ways businesses have been attempting to save money is by limiting the expenses incurred during business trips.  For many, travelling first class and staying in a five star hotel simply cannot be justified in the current climate.  For the self-employed, it can be even harder to justify a large expense on a single trip.

One way to lower costs is to investigate using modern technologies to eliminate the need to meet face to face.  Many companies are keen to utilise new video conferencing capabilities such as HD video, fibre optic broadband and systems that can integrate video, web and presentation software.  Use of these means that it has never been easier to communicate remotely; gone are the days of grainy images that cut out every few minutes and other technology failures that make people reluctant to engage in these systems.

If a face to face meeting is essential, there are a number of ways you can ensure that you are getting the best possible trip with the least expense.  Buying train tickets in advance can dramatically reduce the cost of train travel.  First class tickets can also be available for discounted rates when booking a number of weeks in advance.  Making use of an executive hotel stay package will mean that the accommodation will be both modern and unique with great food and a professional atmosphere.  If you find a hotel which is close to Paddington in the centre of the city will be advantageous in accessing meeting locations all over the city with minimum stress and fuss.