Visiting Lord’s Cricket Ground


Lord’s cricket ground is one of the most iconic sporting venues in the UK, if not the world.  There is no other sport that encapsulates the spirit of Britain as well as cricket.  A trip to Lord’s to see a test match is a fantastic day out and represents a truly British experience for both foreign visitors and UK residents alike.

The first ever cricket match at Lord’s was played in 1787 between Middlesex and Essex, however it was not played on the site we know today.  The current Lord’s ground is actually the third ground to bear the name ‘Lord’s’ with the first being located in an area now known as Dorset Square in London.  The second Lord’s was built in the Eyre Estate in St John’s wood but after complaints of a ‘lack of atmosphere’, and with the landlord refusing to allow a tavern to be built (a staple part of a cricket match both then and now), it was decided to move the ground to its current location on another plot of land further up on the same estate.  The first match was played in the new ground in 1814, making 2014 the bicentenary year of this historical venue.

If you fancy a visit to Lord’s, it could not be easier.  From outside the UK, visitors arriving on flights to London’s Heathrow airport can make use of the Heathrow express train link that shuttles customers between the airport and Paddington Station.  This is incredibly convenient as Lord’s cricket ground is an easy walk from the station.  For travellers within the UK, travelling to Paddington station by train is just as simple.

The station is the final destination for many train services from the West of the UK such as Cardiff and Bristol and it also has excellent links to other London stations meaning it is simple to reach from wherever you are.  Finding a hotel near Paddington Station is also very easy, and with 15% off to stay in Park Grand London Paddington, the price couldn’t be better.

Why not choose to experience the very best of British culture with a trip to Lord’s cricket ground, and with any luck, it might not even be raining.