Visiting the Majestic Buckingham Palace is a Must


On the mention of London, there are only a few names that crop up instantly and Buckingham Palace is one of those. Being the office and also the residence of the Queen of England, this palace has a special place in the city and the hearts of its people. There are only a few royal palaces in the world which are resided and used by the royalty and this majestic palace in one of them, making it a special attraction for tourists from around the world. Regularly, tours of the palace are organised which can give you an inner look into the grand palace, its history, the lifestyle of the royalty and other interesting things.

  • It has 19 state rooms which are meant for visitors. It goes without mentioning that they are extremely lavish and are furnished with some unbelievable stuff like paintings by artists like Poussin, Rembrandt and Rubens. The state rooms are open for visitors during Queen’s annual visit to Scotland between August and September.
  • In the 2 hour long tour you can also visit the wonderful garden of the palace which has more than 350 species of wild flowers.
  • Changing the guard ceremony remains the biggest draw. It takes place at 11.30 am and is must watch. While it is a routine changing of guards of Buckingham Palace and St. James’ Palace, the music played by band and the stylish conduct of the ceremony makes it an interesting thing to see.
  • You can visit the State Rooms, the Queen’s Gallery and the Royal Mews from 2nd august to 29th September for tickets priced at £34.50 for one adult. There are other packages too for family, kids and cheaper tickets for a normal visit to the palace.

Other than viewing the interiors of the palace and the ceremony, you can do a lot around the Buckingham Palace. If your hotel is a little away from the palace, make sure you reach here in time as the best of London is minutes away from it and you will need an entire day to at least get a decent look at the top most attractions and markets in the neighbourhood. But if you can get a hotel close to the popular palace, nothing like it.