Watch Major League Baseball in London this month

Baseball in London

London has never been a city which sports fans traditionally associate with baseball, but an upcoming event from Major League Baseball is about to change all that. For the first time ever in either the UK or Europe, the London Stadium will be hosting two fixtures perfect for anyone eager to learn more about the sport and enjoy a couple of days of baseball in England’s capital.

What is Major League Baseball?

Major League Baseball (or MLB for short) is a professional baseball league, which has its roots in North American culture. This is currently the most prestigious baseball league in the world, and includes two wings – the American League and the National League. Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the United States, and yet its fandom here in the UK is already growing, just in time for visitors at the Park Grand Paddington to grab tickets for a unique MLB event in London.

Exploring the London Series

While Major League Baseball has already left US-shores to stage matches in countries such as Australia, Japan, Puerto Rico and Mexico, this will be the first time the UK (and Europe) have ever experienced anything quite like it. The MLB London Series 2019 marks the start of what organisers hope will be a growing relationship between London and the MLB community. Other US sports such as the NFL and the NBA have already taken the city by storm, so this marks a natural and exciting progression for a sport with a tremendous domestic following.

Who’s playing?

Two of the biggest names in Major League Baseball will be going head to head at the event. The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees have a long-established sporting rivalry, helping to add to the tension of this upcoming showdown.

About the venue

The London Stadium will be hosting the event. London Stadium is one of the foremost sporting venues in the UK, and it is going to be transformed into a 60,000-seater traditional US-style ballpark specially for the MLB. If you’re staying at budget hotels in central London, this is a fantastic way to discover baseball for yourself in a world-class venue.

When is the London Series?

Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees begins at 18:10 on Saturday 19th June and 15:10 on Sunday 30th June, providing a weekend of fun sport for summer visitors to the Park Grand Paddington.

How do I watch the event?

Tickets can be purchased from reputable vendors. This is a tremendously popular event, so tickets are already selling out fast. If you are unable to secure tickets to these fixtures, don’t panic – London is well-known for its love of all things sporty, and there are plenty of fantastic sports bars to choose from where you’ll be able to enjoy all the action in the comfort of a pub garden or a cosy room filled with fellow sports fans.