You Just Can’t Afford to Miss the Trafalgar Square


So what is an attraction really? Does it have to be a museum or a palace? May be what a tourist attraction should really have is history, culture and a reflection of the place it belongs to. Trafalgar Square is one of the most prominent tourist spots in London thanks to the amalgamation of the above mentioned qualities. It is not a royal garden, it is not a place or a historical museum, it is just a plaza in the middle of the city where people of all ages and interests converge. There are few things you should know about the Trafalgar Square –

  • It is built around the famous Charing Cross, which has always been considered the exact centre of the city.
  • Because of its Central Location, reaching here is not any trouble. It is just 3 minutes’ walk away from the Charing Cross station. Other nearby tube stations are Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Embankment.
  • The Nelson’s Column, which stands at the centre of the Square, was built in early 1840s, while the four lions that surround it were added later in 1867.

It goes without saying that hardly any tourist gives this place a miss. There isn’t much to do here but the feel of the place is really nice and is required to complete a true London experience. This square, thanks to its popularity and location, is often the venue for popular events, artistic display, sports events, Christmas day celebrations, New Year events and political demonstration. The best part about being here is that you will notice the diversity of London’s population.

Undoubtedly the place can become a little crowded and this area being the centre of the city, reaching here can be a rough task if you are coming from a distance. As a tourist, the best thing you can do is take up a hotel which is at walking distance from the Square. There are plenty of good accommodations close-by and once you are placed in this area, the best restaurants, other tourist attractions, tube stations and markets are not too far away.